There Are So Many Unhealthy Food Choices, How Do You Figure Out How to Avoid Snacking?

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If you want to be healthy and especially if you are trying to lose weight and get in shape, you have to know how to avoid snacking. This can be quite a challenge for so many people. After all, we have associated snacking with many enjoyable activities.

Think about it, if we go out to see a movie, the first thing most of us think about is getting popcorn and a beverage to snack on while we watch. The same thing is true when watch television. After all, isn’t that what commercials are for? In fact, don’t the commercials encourage us to go get a snack? Think about it, what are most of these commercials offering?

This is called mindless eating. You have a bowl of something sweet, or salty sitting right there in front of you, that you continue to mindlessly stuff into your mouth without any thought. Ask yourself this, “am I really hungry”, or have I been conditioned to this?

Okay, one thing that you can do, especially when at home or work is to drink more water. It is said that frequently when people believe they are hungry they are in fact thirsty. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Seriously this really does work.

It may also be helpful to you when you feel the urge to snack, to get a little bit of exercise. Exercise is known for decreasing appetite. When you experience the proper amount of exercise your body has a tendency to regulate itself.

Keep your hands busy with something else. If your hands are busy with some other task, whether it be knitting, needle point, crossword puzzles, reading or any other activity that you can think of, you will not have the opportunity to pick up food and snack on it without first thinking about it.

If you done all of this and you still feel that you want a snack, you are probably actually hungry. So snack on something healthy. Have an apple or maybe some carrot sticks, or some other healthy alternative to what you might ordinarily choose. You will soon be on your way putting an end to your unhealthy snacking habit.

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