3 Great Kid Snacks to Pack for Moms on the Go

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Busy moms can tell you that getting their kids to eat healthy is no easy task. Kids are constantly exposed to unhealthy eating choices. Between potato chips, sugary cereals and fat-laden fast food, it seems like a never-ending battle to get the right snack choices into their hands.

Working moms know that the morning hours are filled with sleepy kids, lost shoes, misplaced schoolbooks and cold coffee. There is precious little time to plan a healthy lunch for the kids, let alone healthy snacks.

Those are all reasons to make snack planning should be made the evening before.

The following snacks can be packed in the lunch bags or snack bags for school, or a car trip.

Fruits and Vegetables

Small baby carrots, tiny bites of celery hearts, slices of cucumbers or even cherry tomatoes can be packed in a small re-usable container. These small bites are perfect for little fingers and are filled with vitamins and nutrition.

Apple bites, sliced cherries, sliced grapes, orange wedges and even Fig Newton cookies all pack nicely for a selection of finger foods. By providing a variety, kids are not as easily bored with their choices.

Dried fruits such as raisins, figs, apricots, banana chips, strawberry chips and apple pieces all make great snacks as well. These can all be found in commercial packages in your grocery store, or you can purchase a dehydrator and dry your own fruits and vegetables. By dehydrating fruits and vegetables, you preserve the nutritional value and can even sneak a pea or a bean into the snack mix.

Nuts, Crackers and Trail Mix

Nuts are high in protein and fat, which makes them suspect as to their snack potential, however, nuts are good for your heart and your dental health. Nuts have antioxidants and are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Unless your child has a nut allergy, a handful of nuts are a great snack.

Graham crackers are every mother’s staple. These wonderful cookie-like crackers have a sweet honey taste and can be broken into sections.

Trail Mix comes in many different varieties and is a good alternative as it combines fruit, nuts and occasionally a vegetable or two. Some mixes have dried pineapple and coconut, while some mixes are seasoned with spices. It depends on your child’s age as to whether trail mixes are an appropriate choice.


While last on the list, popcorn is a popular snack to pack. It is easy to make at home and can be packed in a small plastic container. Popcorn may not have the nutritional value of a carrot stick, but everyone loves popcorn.

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