About Us


We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality snacks available anywhere. Many of our customers, who try one of our snacks for the first time, are amazed by the taste and freshness. We hear that you can literally taste the pride that’s stuffed in each bag. Trojan Snacks Company’s products offer a healthier snack for anyone who is looking to eat something better than a candy bar or bag of chips. Our products are always fresh, packed and seal upon placement of order.



Our mission is to offer our customers healthy, high quality, alternative snacks. Our intent is to show that by packing product in a crystal clear package we are serious about quality. It is our opinion that quality is meant to be seen, not camouflaged by beautiful package. We are obsessed with “Good Taste” and we partner with only the best vendors. In short, we want to be your snack food company of choice.